We are pleased to announce the following winners of the poster and oral free papers competition.

Oral Presentation

1st Prize:

Investigation Of a New Classification for Temporomandibular Joint Arthritis Based on The Synovial Fluid Analysis (A-0141)

Joo-Young Park, Korea

2nd Prize:

Effects on Bone Regeneration of Different Centrifugation Conditions and Coagulation Systems During Platelet Concentration and Fibrin Network Formation (A-0066)

Cuong Tran, Japan

3rd Prize:

Construction Of Artificial Salivary Glands Based on Decellularized Scaffolds of Rats (A-0130)

Taiqiang Dai, China

Poster Presentation

1st Prize:

Comparison Of Free Flap Reconstruction in Robot Assisted Neck Dissections and Transcervical Neck Dissections: Single Surgeon Experience (A-0065)

Kim Dongwook, Korea

2nd Prize:

Selection Strategy of Recipient Blood Vessel During Secondary Free Reconstruction in Head and Neck Surgery: Experiences Over Ten Years (A-0031)

Qiang Xu, China

3rd Prize:

Mandibular Asymmetry: Is the Bone at The Longer Side Thinner? (A-0018)

Ng Wee Hsuan, Singapore